Best Catia Coaching in Dehradun

Are you ready to lead your engineering team to tackle new challenges with your skills? If you are in Dehradun and try to find a comprehensive CATIA training program, don't go away! That's VerveGen Tech; the best training program on CATIA is right here in Dehradun. Intended to equip both up-and-coming engineers and professionals with the required knowledge, our CATIA V5 training gives students a chance to do their practical work and get guidance from the experts, which will help them conquer this powerful design software


Finite element method and CATIA are such software developed by Dassault System that are largely used by professional engineers and designers. This software is known for its diversity and CATIA usability. Engineers use this to simulate, analyse, and accurately model even the most difficult and complex systems. CATIA provides solutions to the key industries of automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and electronics and is the engineering innovation leader. VerveGen Tech realizes how crucial it is to daily battle engineering proficiency in this kind of world. Thus, we've worked out an exceptional CATIA training program. Accordingly, we'll enable you to obtain the skills and knowledge that will enable you to reach the highest level of your career

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Beginner Module

This module is specifically design for newbies or school students or college freshers. This course is also beneficial for the professionals who wants to update their knowledge and pursue their career in software development industry.

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Intermediate Module

This module is designed for students pursuing their engineering in computer software and want to upgrade their knowledge in advance C programming language to build or develop Software and Embedded applications..

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Advance Module

Working professionals with prior knowledge in programming and understanding of Operating Systems. After completing this module, one will able to work on System Level Programming and get the idea of device driver.