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Developing Careers Through Corporate Training & Internships

VerveGen Tech is a leading IT services and software development company, empowering engineering graduates and professionals with transformative internships and industrial summer training in Dehradun. Our personalized journeys cater to specific career goals, backed by experienced developers. Committed to client success, we provide live classrooms, mentoring, hands-on projects, and interactive labs for optimal learning. Our unique edge lies in having active industry professionals as instructors, ensuring cutting-edge and industry-relevant curriculum. Join us for a meaningful and practical learning experience to achieve your career aspirations.

Top Trending Technologies We Offer

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C Language

A foundational programming language known for its efficiency and versatility.

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C++ Language

An extension of C that adds object-oriented features, used for software development.

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A widely-used, platform-independent programming language for various applications.

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An open-source operating system and software platform for mobile devices developed by Google.

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Trio of technologies for creating web pages: structure (HTML), style (CSS), and interactivity (JS).

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A framework for building Windows applications and web services.

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A versatile, high-level programming language used in web development, data analysis, and more.

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A scripting language used for web development to create dynamic web pages.

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Data Science

Extracting insights from data using statistical, mathematical, and computational techniques.

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Machine Learning:

Subset of AI that enables systems to learn from data and improve over time.

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Deep Learning

Advanced ML technique involving complex neural networks for pattern recognition.

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Structured collection of data managed by a computer system.

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Artificial Intelligence

Simulating human intelligence in machines to perform tasks intelligently.

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High-level programming and numerical computing environment used in engineering and science.

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Distributed, secure ledger technology underlying cryptocurrencies and more.

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IoT (Internet of Things)

Network of interconnected devices and objects that communicate and share data.

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Neural Network

A system of algorithms that simulates the functioning of the human brain to perform tasks.

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100K+ Students Enrolled
Over 100,000 students have enrolled in our courses.
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We have a team of 50+ certified instructors.
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Our courses have received top ratings.

Choose Our Special Programs

Enhance your IT career with our expert-led training programs!

Corporate Trainings

Why choose us for Corporate Training?

Experienced Experts with 5+ years in diverse industries.

Trained more than 1000 Trainees with top IT companies.

Experts working on Industrial tools and innovative projects.


Discover the benefits of our Workshops and Seminars.

Informative and motivating sessions to build innovative ideas.

Learn to work on core and Advance Technologies.

Bridge the gap between University and Industry.

On Campus Training

What we provide in on-campus Training Programs?

Carefully designed structure that won't affect regular classes.

Value-Added Program (VAP) for an advantage in job placements.

Hands-on experience with industry-level projects.


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Anurag Negi

Vervegen tech is providing skill training in various fields.this is the place where we achieve skill With happiness . Staff is kind n teacher's are helpful.

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My summer internship experience with Vervegen Tech has been phenomenal.I was impressed by the supportive staff. The team members were always approachable and willing to guide me.

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Vervegen tech really great training center with friendly and comitted teachers! They are just wonderful, excellent place to enhance for students career.

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Aditya Singh

I had a great experience at the vervegen tech. Faculties are very supportive and motivating. Class timings are flexible. Teaching process happens at learner's pace which according to me, is a huge advantage for beginners .

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Vervegen tech is the good institute for auto cad . The institute provides knowledge from the base. It is nice experience for me for learning autocad . Teachers are very helpful and humble . They are available for me over phone if required . You get enough time for learning .

Vervegen alumni work at reputed tech organizations.